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7 Hair Extension Hacks To Make Your Hair Last Longer!

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Hair extensions seem like an incredible way to try new hairstyles, add in volume, and definitely avail the perfect long length. But if you are new to the world of wearing hair extensions, you might want to learn some hair extension hacks to really get the most out of your faux tresses. On the other hand, you might be a hair extension veteran who’s worn them for years, but you’re looking for new ways to use them and care for them.
For those looking to learn more about their hair, here are some hair extension hacks, so you can bring salon-worthy style tips to your bedroom.
1. Use A Dresser Drawer To Curl Your Clip-Ins – Put the weft (the clips end) in a dresser drawer and then curl them with a wand. Pop them in your head and style your natural hair around them as you go.” This sounds much easier than trying to curl pre-applied clip-ins at the back of your head!
2. Style Hair Extensions On A Wig Stand – Try to blow dry extensions and curl them using a wig stand for easy styling. This will help you when you need to prep your extensions the night before a big day.
3. Wash Them Regularly – Your extensions need to be shampooed and conditioned from time to time, depending on how often you use them and how much product you are using. I suggest clipping them in and shampooing and conditioning in the shower while wearing them.
Always try to wash them regularly to remove the product, the heavy build-up can leave them clumpy and noticeably different in texture.” So if you want your extensions to be kept in tip-top condition, make sure to wash them often if you’re regularly using products on them.
4. Keep Them Straight & Smooth When Washing – They should be shampooed and conditioned from weft to ends, not roughed up at all. The more stress on the weft the more hair will fall out of it making your extension look ratty, sacrificing volume.
Keep them as straight and smooth as possible while shampooing and conditioning. Don’t ball them up and lather, you will just end up with a tangled mess!
5. Air Dry Your Extensions After Washing – After washing them, let them air dry after brushing them out with a leave-in detangler. They’ll be so shiny! Use hot tools to style them after they’re 100 percent dry.
You can either dry them while wearing them or just take them out and let them air dry on a dry towel.
6. Create A Natural Texture – Air-dry extensions clipped into your own hair to create a natural texture to them. They will wave with your natural texture.
7. Make Custom Hair Extensions – Take a trip to the local hair supply and pick out hair that perfectly matches your own that do NOT have clips sewn in already – you can even get multiple colors if you need to. You can get higher quality hair at a better price this way. This way you can make custom sizes to fit your head perfectly. Measure and cut two to three wefts of hair at the same length and glue them carefully together at the seam, slightly off from each other so they don’t get too thick. Once the glue is dry you can then sew on the hair clips and then you have your very own custom made extensions. If you’re nifty with a needle and thread, this sounds like a super cool craft project.


Do you have any special tips or tricks when it comes to blending in hair extensions? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

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